About us

Why Vlassak D.O.O.?

Vlassak D.O.O. is a Dutch company based in the Netherlands and in Serbia. This young and energetic team strives to connect international companies with the Serbian market and to help both parties grow and develop.
The initiative to support the connection of Serbia with international businesses started with the enthusiasm of the company’s founder and CEO Henri Vlassak. Henri’s passion for business and for Serbia, “the land of opportunities” as he calls it, encouraged him to move to Belgrade and continue living his dream of helping businesses to reach their full potential. Support by a team of local people together with the CEO’s broad knowledge of business and sales makes Vlassak D.O.O. a partner to trust during your entry into the Serbian market.

Our values:
  • Transparency – Everything we do and say is transparent, which is something our clients appreciate about us most. We only make deals that are transparent and lead to a win-win situation.
  • Open communication – You can always expect a clear and honest answer or advice from us. We are passionate about working with people who are open-minded and communicate freely.
  • Professionalism – We are professional in everything we do and we cooperate with businesses and individuals who are highly dedicated to their professional goals.
  • Flexibility – The market we are in, and generally working with people, requires high levels of flexibility. By being flexible we ensure the success we strive for is realized.
Mission statement:
We aim to be a reliable partner and assist the businesses that want to export to, import from or invest in Serbia grow and flourish.
Vision statement:
We strive for uncovering business opportunities in the developing markets in order to grow together with export/import/investment businesses.
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