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How do you know Serbia is the right market for you?

Did you know that in the last couple of years the Serbian market has been a hot spot for many export/import businesses and investments from other countries? Although local people don’t always notice, Serbia is a country of opportunities.

If you are interested in exporting to, importing from and investing in Serbia, this website will provide you with all the necessary information! Vlassak D.O.O. specializes in market entry and helps international companies and individuals who want to set up a business in Serbia expand their field of focus to the Serbian market.

You will get help with the following:
  • Information about the market from a local point of view
  • Contacts for the best lawyers, accountants and banks to cooperate with
  • Potential clients and/or business partners network
  • Legal procedures, information and help
  • Information about international transport

How do you know Serbia is the right market for you?

If you plan to export your products or services to Serbia, how can you know whether the local market will accept what you have to offer? If you want to import from Serbia, how can you find the best goods of highest quality for the lowest price? If you are thinking of investing in new markets, how can you uncover the best investment opportunities in Serbia?

Vlassak D.O.O. helps you with:

  • General advisory on success possibilities of your product or service in Serbia
  • Leads or business partners who would be open to work with you
  • Regulations governing the import, export and transport
  • Transportation from Serbia
  • Transportation to Serbia

Find out more about exporting to and importing from Serbia! Contact us today and find out what the opportunities for your business success in Serbia are, get a detailed market research for your product or service and find out who your potential partners in the Serbian market are.