Production / Assembly

Production / Assembly in Serbia?

If you are searching for a place to create your product outside of your country, Serbia is a great place to do so. More and more companies are setting up their production lines in Serbia.
Work ethic in Serbia is very high. Serbian people are well educated and the younger generations speak English very well. The payroll is low and the productivity is high, which makes your production costs low.
The Serbian market is growing fast and it offers many possibilities for successful local production. It is a great opportunity to recognize the potential of this market and labor. If you don’t know a lot about producing in Serbia, rely on Vlassak Trade who know the Serbian business culture.
If you are searching for a trade partner or if you want to outsource your engineering, production or assembly lines partially or completely, Vlassak Trade is the right choice.
Production/assembly in Serbia:
  • Packaging
  • Mechanical engineering
  • agricultral machinery
  • automotive
  • etc.

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